Did he even exist?

The enemy and his devotees (whether knowing or unwitting) do not want people to believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. One method of steering people away from the truth of John 11:25 is to ask if Jesus ever even existed to begin with and follow that with “evidence” that he likely did not. Of course, the issue is decorated with the trappings of scholarship in order to spread a veneer of authenticity to the maneuver.

One common tactic is to point out that we have no direct evidence that Jesus even existed because we do not have anything he wrote himself. All we have is the word of his followers. The implication is that we can’t trust what his followers wrote. Technically, it is true that we have nothing Jesus wrote because he didn’t write anything to begin with.

We also don’t have anything Socrates wrote either, yet we never encounter books and articles and You-Tube videos insisting that Socrates never existed! In fact, if someone made the argument that Socrates didn’t exist because we have no written evidence by his own hand, somebody else would be quick to point out that Plato wrote extensively about Socrates, so there’s your evidence!

Are we supposed to believe that Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Peter, Paul and Jude all conspired together to promote a mythic figure as if he really lived and was not merely a myth? Oh, but we can trust Plato. Just not the New Testament authors. I see.

Some authors claim that Jesus was not crucified, but married Mary Magdalene, had children, and moved to France. The author of the book pictured below claimed that Jesus was actually a code word for a hallucinogenic mushroom.

And these authors actually expect to be taken seriously, which is sad. What is even more troubling is that some people actually do.


Ask people what they know about Nostradamus, and typically the response is something along the lines of his prophetic writings being impressive, with a significant number of them coming true.

What is not as popularly known about him is that he was a Roman Catholic, and he believed that salvation was exclusively available within the Roman Catholic system. How many true prophets of God hold a fundamental falsehood such as this in their hearts? None. No true prophet has severely erroneous beliefs entrenched within their worldview. False worldviews and true prophetic ministry are like oil and water. Nostradamus was a false prophet.

Of course, Nostradamus lived during the time of the Protestant Reformation. So, not only did the demonic realm inspire opposition to unfolding truth through Loyola and his Jesuits, they also employed Roman Catholics who were deeply devoted to the occult.

Incidentally, in order to make his typically vague predictions seem more accurate than they really were, stretched interpretations of his “Century quatrains” are required. Stretched interpretations are, of course, typical of the enemy and his human army.

Same Difference

I don’t presume to be an expert on what is going on in the world, but these are my current speculative musings. For what that’s worth.

I used to believe “same difference” was a silly phrase. Now, I think it’s clever.

Some elites think it’s easier to control the populace when and if people believe in their security. These power mongers promote socialism. Other elites believe it’s more effective to control the populace if they believe in freedom first and security second. These one-percenters promote forms of representative government to maintain the freedom illusion for the public to accept. But either way, it’s control of the populace that’s in view. Same difference.

In the USA, they have been doing it to us for years in the two-party system. It does not matter whether the donkey or the elephant takes office – policy always follows an elitist script. Same difference.

Now, there is another manifestation of same difference. If the prominent faction of the authoritarian argument holds sway, masks will eventually be retired, and get replaced by mandatory vaccines. But if the smaller faction attempting to invoke authority prevails, hydroxychloroquine (the malaria drug) will be the preferred (or at least an acceptable) approach. But either way, pharmaceutical companies win. Same difference.

Or perhaps we should say, it’s the same difference on only one side of the coin. On the other side, it’s a similar difference. If the vaccine mandate fails and a medicinal alternate prevails, the win for drug companies (and of course their stockholders) will be financially muted by comparison. The vaccine victory would be a more lucrative win. But, when the narrative is controlled utilizing the Hegelian dialectic, (Thesis > Antithesis > Synthesis) it’s not a question of winning versus losing. Instead, it’s only a question of a larger win versus a moderate win. And the people always lose. The men behind the curtain have seen to it that they always win because the only potential outcomes have been meticulously calculated in advance.

There is another reason beyond the financial aspect behind why a vaccine victory would be more substantial, and that reason is psychological. A triumph for hydroxychloroquine (or any other alternative) would mean that informed dissidence had a meaningful voice. Some power mongers despise any form of dissent to their despotic dreams, and relish the exercise of power over others. Psychological victory is as meaningful for them as financial victory partially because the financial effort is currently less demanding for them and any psychological advantage requires more savvy.

At any rate, of the two likely outcomes, the major stockholders of pharmakeia (I just couldn’t resist sticking the Greek root in there) will rake in some chips either way. Same difference. Some of them may be sons of Belial, but we can’t say they’re not clever.


Anyone can be a conspiracy theorist. Speculation can be quite imaginative even with limited information from memes on the Internet. It takes more effort to become a conspiracy tracker. One must develop a mature level of Biblical literacy and a continual push to mine the depths of scripture with the realization that one never arrives at a plateau of insight. A genuine tracker must also be willing to read non-fiction and consider history in some detail.

One notable difference between a theorist and a tracker is that a legitimate tracker is far less susceptible to being distracted by the decoy theories which are deliberately intended to poison the well. Theorists tend to get mired in them and even occasionally develop unwitting allegiance to error as a result.

We use the phrase “doing the math,” but without the numbers to work with, no math can be done. Mainstream history steers the mind away from seeing that real conspiracies have actually existed throughout the history of mankind. A deeper historical look reveals the pervasive reality of evil in our midst. With strategically informed reading, we can do the “conspiracy math.”

You can check yourself for Biblical literacy (the primary requirement for developing valid insights) by taking this little test.


What was the name of the official who hated Mordecai and Esther and wanted them dead?

What relationship (if any) existed between Jezebel and Athaliah?

What was the name of King David’s son who plotted a mutiny against his own father?

What spiritual entity is in charge of the kingdoms (and other governments) of this world?

What scripture verses would you utilize to illustrate who that entity is?

What is the unforgivable sin?

Was Elihu a type of mediator in the book of Job, or a spokesman for darkness?

Where does scripture mention the wicked using hand signals?

Who came up with the idea of spreading the story that Jesus was never resurrected because his disciples actually sneaked into the tomb at night and stole his body?


Okay, that’s enough for a start. How did you do? Do you have fluency in the Biblical record, or is there work still to be done? Or a blend of both?

Here’s a hint: Do you want to better understand what is happening today? Find the answers to the questions above, and you will have strengthened the base of your understanding.

You can enhance your insights with non-fiction as well. Here’s a partial recommended reading list. (Quite frankly, this list should be much longer)!


The Hope of the Wicked: The Master Plan to Rule the World, by Ted Flynn.

The Syndicate: The Story of the Coming World Government, by Nicholas Hagger.

The Unseen Hand: An Introduction to Conspiratorial View of History, by A. Ralph Epperson.

The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve, by G. Edward Griffin.

The New World Religion: The Spiritual Roots of Global Government, by Gary H. Kah.

The Ascendancy of the Scientific Dictatorship: An Examination of Epistemic Autocracy, From the 19th to the 21st Century, by Phillip D. Collins and Paul D. Collins.


I could go on and on. And on and on. There are so many more worthy books. And another hint: Pay attention to footnotes. Look up who gets cited. Check out those sources as well.

I usually do not recommend fiction, but there are two works of fiction that should be considered standard curriculum for the serious student. Those two are:

1984, by George Orwell, and

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.


If you have read this far, I have but one request of you. Read. Pick something and start reading.

Forever and ever

Psalm 21:4 contains the phrase “forever and ever,” and since we know our physical lives do not go on forever, it must be a reference to spiritual life, right? No, actually, that is not right. Our modern worldview tends to assume a meaning for “forever and ever” that does not match up with the old Hebrew worldview and meaning for the phrase.

Here in Psalm 21, the phrase actually carries the meaning of “long live the king.” At least, that’s how we would express its meaning in our language today. Psalm 21 was used in the coronation of a new king for Israel, and the fundamental lessons of the psalm are that first, a good leader always trusts God for help, and second, good followers should intercede in prayer for the leader.

When Moses asked Pharaoh to let Israel go free from Egyptian slavery, there was likely precious little intercession being made for Pharaoh. As a result, Pharaoh caved in to the dark advice of the men of Belial who were the power behind the throne. The result is that the entire army of Egypt perished. Had intercessory prayers deflected the voice of the enemy speaking through Pharaoh’s advisers, Pharaoh may have relented, let Israel walk away, and the Egyptian army could have been spared. There are consequences when leaders trust their own compromised agenda and followers fail to intercede.

Where else in scripture is the phrase “forever and ever” often misunderstood? Rev 14:11 starts off by saying, “The smoke of their torment will rise for ever and ever.” Of course, the most common traditional teaching promotes the idea of hell as a place of everlasting conscious torment for those who reject God and His Word. And of course, this traditional teaching is incorrect.

Psalm 21 used “forever and ever” to mean the long life of a king would indicate God’s favor on the king and on the people. But Rev 14 uses the phrase to be an indicator of God’s wrath lasting long enough to fully vindicate the victims of evil. In neither case does “forever and ever” carry the meaning of immortal existence.

Our Human Family

Sometimes lies take the form of long stories. Other times, shorter fragments of speech can be misleading. “Caucasoid,” “Mongoloid,” “Australoid” and “Negroid” are lies embedded into single words. The ideas of polygenism and evolution have supported these “racial” distinctions. But scripture supports monogenism and creation, and insists that the only race is the human race.

The valid base of division among human beings is linguistic – the result of the rebellion at Babel. The miraculous and instantaneous entry of multiple languages protected people from a one world government (which Nimrod was lusting for). After Babel, smaller populations manifested genetic speciations which explain the superfluous differences between what the misled mainstream calls “racial” distinctions. Knowing history in light of Biblical truth should be every person’s starting point for sound thinking. But alas, modern education has been intentionally infiltrated and taken over in order to install a false foundation for understanding reality.

What’s Going On

Contact tracers will serve those who have committed the unforgivable sin. What the devil had in China (people who rat on their neighbors) had to be modified to be operative in the USA. The pandemic will, through Hegelian maneuvers, add another mostly ignorant enforcer class of agents in the employ of darkness.

Of course, the contact tracers will not know the role they are actually playing. They will be convinced that what they do will be for the greater good. It operates on the same principle that puts the military and the police in the hand of the devil. Lucifer pulls the strings of the power-beliyaal, the power-beliyaal pull the strings of the deep state, the deep state pulls the strings of the government, and the government controls the enforcer class. Just as police and military personnel must remain ignorant of their indirect ties to satanic control, contact tracers will remain in the dark about the ultimate goal of their activity.

In China, a tattletale operative is in a position to protect themselves. Dissidents become the victims, and the reporters curry the favor of the state by telling on their neighbors. Tattle on the other guy – be safe yourself. But reporting on mere dissent would not work in America, hence the pandemic. The pandemic provides a rationale for ratting on your neighbors. It’s for the greater good. It’s to defeat the invisible enemy.

But contact tracing will, instead, serve the invisible enemy. Let’s just say that I won’t be surprised if dissidents to the deep state in the USA will be orchestrated into quarantine and forced vaccination.

Two Forces

Gulf_of_Mexico2 If you’ve been to the ocean, you’ve seen the waves rolling in, and the water flowing back underneath the incoming waves. If you’ve stood in the surf near the shore, you have felt that the force of the undertow is as strong as the surf crashing in. Both motions are concurrently true. It’s not as if the presence of one movement cancels out the other.

We can think of the incoming waves as the mainstream narrative in any story at hand. The undercurrent may be represented by conspiracy theories abstractly constructed by those who may or may not have ever stood in the undertow.

Any mainstream narrative that is agenda-driven will tend to be dismissive of outlandish conspiracy theories, claiming that the myopic view of incoming information is genuine while any claim of an undercurrent in affairs lacks credibility. In order to maintain the fiction that the mainstream view is the entire picture, it becomes necessary to demonize any claim to the contrary. This is accomplished in several ways.

First, the ad hominem attack puts forth the idea that people who adopt conspiracy theories are doing so for personal needs in the realm of psychology. People need to feel important or special, or, people feel the need to grasp the comfort of knowing over the discomfort of not knowing. Such attacks aim at judging any whistle-blower to the end of vilifying their message.

Second, poisoning the well attacks the very idea of theories. Bizarre decoy theories are intentionally introduced (such as the elites are reptilian underneath) in order to lead people to the conclusion that theories of any unseen undercurrent are stupid and a just waste of time.

Third, if any theory hits a little too close for comfort, censorship unfolds. The mainstream narrative is then protected in the name of protecting the populace from destructively misleading
information. Facebook and YouTube do it all the time. Their common claim is violation of standards, but I have seen that to be a blatant lie. I have seen content taken down that committed no violation. Unless of course, mere dissent is in violation. In a free society, it should not be.

Typically the mainstream narrative ignores any undercurrent, but if they do recognize it, they minimize it or characterize it to fit the tightly-spun image of the agenda at hand. Facts are either manipulated or omitted in order to serve the agenda. For instance, one important task of NPR is to promote the concept of anthropogenic global climate change. Any data that points to a human cause of climate change is trumpeted at full volume. However, climate change is mostly caused by insolation, and carbon dioxide amounts to less than one percent of greenhouse gases in existence. Further, only three percent of carbon dioxide in existence is caused by human means. It is scientifically impossible for human-generated carbon dioxide to cause global climate change. But what are the chances that you’ll hear that on NPR? NPR trains people to think that the science is settled. The primary problem with that is that dogma can be settled, but genuine science always continues to seek further data.

It helps to understand that money runs the undercurrent. Research grants pay the bills for scientists. Where does that money come from? It comes from money-wealthy persons who have an agenda. Some scientists get drawn in to legitimizing the data which insists that climate change is caused by human activity. Other researchers understand that the concept of the anthropogenic cause has been conflated beyond reason for strategic political reasons. A few understand that it goes beyond national politics to the larger agenda of gradually assembling a one-world government. Fewer still understand that global government is the heart’s desire of occultists. But all three categories of researchers just mentioned can only sign petitions against the flow of money which drives the narrative forward.

When a person’s information-diet is strictly limited to the mainstream narrative, dismissal of any talk of the undercurrent can be expected. When a person expands their information-diet beyond television and radio into the Internet, some awareness of the undercurrent can bubble up. However, such an information feed is inadequate to properly equip the one typing at the keyboard. The best way to understand reality is to read plenty of non-fiction.

And boy, oh boy, do I have a reading list to recommend. At this point, I’ll only offer one suggestion. Anyone who wants to understand the undercurrent below the Corona-Covid event currently unfolding should read G. Edward Griffin’s “World Without Cancer.”

The Mainstream is the Wrongstream

They Live

Had I written the meme, it would have ended by saying “…and people who have read and understood the Bible.” (Everybody thinks)!

There is a term in the Bible meaning “to counsel together,” or, a “council.” It’s all
about thinking things through, and two heads are usually better than one. This is also a
term in which two contrasting (though related) meanings are sharply divided. There is
no lukewarm, middle ground; it’s either hot or cold.

The Greek noun sumboulion occurs eight times in the New Testament. Five of the
eight are in Matthew. Often, this Greek noun is rendered as a verb in the English text in
order to clearly bring out the intended and clearest meaning rather than a strictly literal
(but language-awkward) rendering.

First, in Matthew 12, Jesus had just healed a man’s shriveled hand, but the Jews
(per v. 14) “
plotted” how they might kill him because the healing took place on a Sabbath
day. Second, in Matthew 22, Jesus had just taught with a bold authority (which
confronted the religious treachery of the Jews), so they “
laid plans” (v.15) to entrap Jesus
in his words. Third, after Jesus had been arrested in Matthew 26, the Jews (per 27:1)
made plans” how to have Jesus executed. Then, in 27:7, they “decided” how to use the
money Judas had just returned to them out of regret. They used the money in a public
relations ploy to make themselves look good.

The fifth occurrence is a real whopper. The chief priests and elders “devised a
” in Matthew 28:12. They concocted a false story to conceal the resurrection of Jesus
Christ. The top authorities in Jewish culture blatantly generated fake news and bribed
the soldiers to spread it. And according to v. 15, the ploy to keep the Jewish populace
misinformed worked. Only a handful of disciples believed the theory that the
resurrection was real. The leadership knew better, but lied to maintain their control over
the people.

The guards had seen the angel who broke the seal on the tomb like it was nothing,
and they were overwhelmed by the presence of this angel of God. They heard the angel
explain to the ladies (who had just shown up) that Jesus had already been resurrected.
The angel only broke the seal to show the women the empty spot where the body had
been. So the guards knew better too, but they had their orders, and had accepted the bribe from the ruling council. Good soldiers know to eschew bucking authority. And the public rarely grasps the level of mendacity that almost always infects governing authorities. Remember Hosea 8:4!

Mark 3:6 parallels the incident from Matthew 12 and the healing of the man with
the shriveled hand followed by the early stage of the plot to arrange the death of Jesus.

Then, Mark 15:1 parallels Matthew 27:1, which was late in the Jewish plot to eliminate
Jesus. Finally, in Acts 25:12, Festus conferred with the “
Council” to determine that Paul
should be sent to Caesar. That’s all eight noun forms.

Next, the verb form – sumbouleuó – occurs four times in the New Testament. The
first one is in Matthew 26:4, where the Jewish leadership “
schemed” to arrest Jesus
secretly in order to have him killed. The participle form appears in John 18:14, where the
text reminds us that it was Caiaphas who had “
advised” the Jews about the strategic
approach of having one man die “for the people.” In Acts 9, Paul had confounded the
Jews by showing from the scriptures that Jesus is the Messiah. So v. 23 says that the Jews
conspired” to kill him. In Revelation 3:18, Jesus offers “advice” to the church at
Laodicea. They had become spiritually impoverished, and Jesus wanted them to become

It becomes clear in the word-study that the term can be used of an evil plotting
together, or, according to the dictates of context, the dispensing of good advice with a
view to profitable decision-making. It’s usually one extreme or the other.
Sampling some of the uses from the LXX, the verb form (again,
sumbouleuó) is
translated “
give advice” in Exodus 18:19. This is the record in which Jethro helped Moses
understand that he needed to set up some teamwork rather than run a one-man show.
That was good advice. In Numbers 24:14, Balaam offers Balak “
advice” (or a “warning”)
that “a star will come out of Jacob and a scepter will rise out of Israel” to conquer the
enemies of Israel. In Joshua 15:18, Aksah (the daughter of Caleb) “
urged” (or “advised”)
Othniel to ask Caleb for a field. She also asked for “springs of water” (which she got) in
v. 19. She was planning ahead and thinking things through, but had to counsel with
others to get results.

In contrast, and going back to the New Testament, Romans 11:34 asks: “Who has
known the mind of the Lord? Or who has been his counselor?” This is the only New
Testament use of
sumboulos (which is certainly properly translated as “counselor”).
Nobody has ever offered advice to God. Not that He needs it! God can get results on His
own whenever He chooses to, but He is gracious enough to call us into participation with
His plans.

In Psalm 119:24, God’s word is the psalmist’s “counselor” (which is another form
of this term,
sumbouliai). When we delight in His word, we experience the good side of
this term, but when people reach for power that does not really belong to them (mirroring what Lucifer did in Isaiah 14) then they get steeped in the dark side of this word. What a fascinating term!

2nd Edition

The 2nd edition of The Unforgivable Sin and the New World Order adds two new appendices. The 1st edition had an addendum which is now Appendix 1. Appendix 2 is entitled “Who Are ‘They’?” and Appendix 3 lists all the occurrences of the Hebrew term beliyaal.